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Buying A Mattress In Orange County, CA

In the Orange County, California area, there are a lot of people that are interested in purchasing a mattress for their home. This is because they are not only looking for a comfortable place to sleep, but they also want to ensure that it is a durable mattress that will last them for years to come. While this may seem like a very complicated task, it can be quite simple, especially if you have the right knowledge of what to look for. Below are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when buying a mattress.

Custom Comfort

Located in Orange County, CA, Custom Comfort Mattress produces a wide variety of mattresses from organic materials. These mattress orange county are built to last and feature real coils. The company also offers pillows, linens, and other bed-related items. Custom Comfort produces several lines, from traditional innerspring models to premium Talalay latex designs. There are also adjustable beds and heart-shaped beds, as well as models designed for couples and RVs. The company is known for its craftsmanship and personal service. It has seven locations in Southern California.

This company is also known for its 365-night comfort guarantee. If you’re not happy with your new mattress, it can be taken back to the store for a refund or replacement. You can even get a new pillow case with your purchase. Custom Comfort’s flagship product is its Legacy set, which features zoned tufting and premium steel springs. Another line, the Refresh, is for budget shoppers.

Bye Mattress

The Bye Mattress program from Mattress Recycling Council is designed to help you dispose of your old mattresses. The council provides resources for recycling programs across the state of California. There are many charities and churches that offer convenient local drop off locations for mattress disposal. Hotels and hostels may also be interested in gently used mattresses.

If you are not interested in donating your old mattress, you can contact a mattress orange county. Many cities have full service recycling centers that can pick up your mattress. Some municipalities require mattress bags or plastic wrapping. Mattress recycling is a growing segment of the recycling industry. This practice is beneficial to the environment. It allows recyclable materials to be reused to manufacture new products. However, the process can be difficult. You will need to plan ahead. Your mattress should be disassembled, and the springs must be separated from the frame and other pieces.


Having your old mattress recycled is a great way to save the earth. Mattresses can be made of materials such as wood, cotton, metal springs, and foam. Several companies collect, recycle, and sell these items. The materials are then used to make new products. Some recycling companies recover 80 to 90 percent of the original mattress by dismantling the metal frame, recovering the foam, and selling the remaining parts to steel recycling companies. These companies also sell the metal to carpet padding and insulation manufacturers.

Some cities have full-service recycling centers where mattresses are accepted free of charge. However, you may be required to call in advance and schedule a pickup. You might not want to leave your old mattress on the curb, as it could attract pests. In that case, you could hire a junk removal service to pick it up. If you have a heavy mattress, you might be required to pay an extra fee.


So, if you are looking for a new mattress, consider buying a mattress that is made from natural materials instead of synthetic products. These types of mattresses can be more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, but they are known to last longer and offer better quality.

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