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In most of the country, the practice of selling houses as leasehold is uncommon, however, it is more popular in regions in Burnley. We look at the issues surrounding leaseholds and where they are most likely to occur in this Insight. If you own a home in Burnley, you will most likely have either a freehold or a leasehold title. Freeholders own the property as well as the land on which it is built, whereas leaseholders do not. Leaseholders and freeholders are functionally in a landlord-tenant relationship; they own the right to dwell in a property for a set period of time rather than the property itself.

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High service charges and ground rents owing to the freeholder, as well as hefty fees involved with extending the lease or purchasing the freehold, can all be concerns with leasehold ownership.

Because it permits flat owners to possess a unit within a building while the building is owned and managed by someone else, leasehold is a highly frequent tenure for houses. Some houses, however, are sold on a leasehold basis. Under the government’s intentions, houses that are already owned as leasehold can continue to be sold on that basis.