You Must Know About EV Charging Solutions by Cyber Switching

If you’re looking for a way to charge your electric vehicle, you should consider the EVMC by Cyber Switching. The company is a pioneer in this emerging technology and will be a welcome addition to the green technology discussion. Cyber Switching’s EVMC-HC and EVMC-3.8 will be discussed in more detail.

ClipperCreek EVMC From Cyber Switching

The ClipperCreek EVMC from Cyber Switching allows you to multiply the capacity of existing EVSEs by four. It can be bolted onto any existing EVSE circuit and provides intelligent parking spot billing. These two companies have teamed up to provide cutting-edge technology to power EVSEs. Cyber Switching’s products are compatible with the ClipperCreek EVSEs and are available from the company’s website.

Unlike many other electric vehicle charging solutions, the ClipperCreek EVMC by Cyber Switching provides high-current charging for heavy-duty trucks and buses. Its versatile configuration can be configured to meet the needs of various high-current vehicles, including buses and RVs. This solution offers substantial savings on installation costs, resulting in lower monthly utility bills. Unlike many of its competitors, Cyber Switching’s EVMC is compatible with most commercial chargers.

Cyber Switching offers a variety of ev charging solutions, including the ability to limit charging hours. This solution supports four charging stations on a rotational schedule and reports power usage to a third-party application or energy management dashboard. It can also be configured to provide real-time monitoring of charging hours. It can even be set to send alerts to mobile devices if the system detects a sudden spike in EV usage.

Cyber Switching’s Electric Vehicle Master Controller

In order to make it easy to connect multiple EVs to charging stations, Cyber Switching Solutions. recently released the EVMC 3.8, a fully portable kit that can feed four EVs on a single 20Amp output. It features a patented rotational charge control system to reduce energy costs.

The system works by switching power to multiple charging stations in a round robin’ scenario. Because only one electrical line feeds each station, the system incrementally rotates power to each vehicle. In addition, the system polls each vehicle’s charging status before supplying power to it. If a vehicle is fully charged, it moves on to the next vehicle in line. This flexibility makes EV charging easier for both drivers and the environment.

Cyber Switching is an intelligent power management device that enables you to maximize your charging efficiency during off-peak hours while reducing the amount of energy purchased from the grid during peak demand periods. The device can be configured to automatically rotate charging to a single charging station or to prioritize the charging of a single EV. This system can also support multiple charging stations for a wide variety of EVs, such as hybrids and electric vehicles.

Ev Charger For Charging Solution

The Cyber Switching ev charger controls up to four charging stations on a single circuit, enabling one high-current power source to serve up to eight. Cyber Switching has partnered with ClipperCreek to offer this intelligent charging solution. If you have more than one electric vehicle, the Cyber Switching EVMC-3.8 intelligently charges up to four vehicles using a single 110-240V outlet. Designed for multi-use, this portable kit cycles through outlets looking for the closest car to charge. This makes it the perfect portable solution for charging multiple electric vehicles. Cyber Switching’s EVMC-3.8 has a high capacity of 380 kW, which is more than enough to charge two to four electric vehicles.

The Cyber Switching EVMC-3.8 is compatible with the Electric Vehicle Safety Equipment, or EVSE. It offers substantial savings in both installation and utility costs. The EVMC is compatible with most commercial chargers and can even be installed on existing charging stations.

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