5 best way to read books effectively

Effective reading means that the larger portion of the book is retained by the brain and which can be retrieved whenever required. If it is retained and can be retrieved, the purpose of reading a book is largely fulfilled. But, the question is, after getting to know the efficacy of book reading how to read more books how to do it. How to make the reading journey enjoyable, memorable, and informative too. 5 best ways to read books effectively Today we will discuss.

Read books effectively

The aim with which we go through the book is to know the diverse viewpoints and to understand the dynamics of different sets of versions people have. It not only opens a new horizon but also expands our cognitive process. Always go through the prologue and the epilogue of the book. They provide the viewpoint of the author and will make your mind receptive to those ideas. A kind of repulsive reaction wouldn’t find a place and which is the big hindrance in retaining the major portion of the book.

Best way to read books effectively

  • One sitting reading may be possible in the fiction where, sometimes, the plot is so interesting that you just can’t leave the book before finishing it from cover to cover. But, realistically, reading more than 200 pages in a day could be difficult and the reader may not be able to retain it because of mental fatigue. So even for fiction, reading 100/150 odd pages is good enough to retain the details and keep enjoying.
  • For non-fiction, there is a different strategy to maintain the tempo, to keep the reader’s interest and motivation up. The total book may be divided based upon the chapters in the book over the next few days depending upon the availability of time. Always carry a pen or pencil to highlight the vital remarks and observations made by the author. Jotting down important quotes would be handy for the reader for future reference.
  • After going through, say 2 or 3 chapters, the reader should revert and review the reading already completed with special reference to the highlights made. The jotted down quotes are also to be referred to on and off.
  • Always maintain the tempo and motivation, try to finish the book within the time allocated. It’s always better if you have a bibliophilic friend, encourage him/her to read the same book and discuss the finer points of the learnings and the diverse viewpoints.
  • There could finally be a group of the bibliophilic group that can make the reading motivating and the reading journey enjoyable.


After you have completed all these steps. Begin now to try to implement some of the things in the book that you really resonated with. If needed re-read the book, browsing through sections highlighted to act as a reminder for what you choose to work on, and put your focus. From all the above discussion we can say the best way to read a book and remember it.

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